We don’t mean to toot our own here (okay, maybe we do a little bit), but we really go out of our way to make our customers happy. Here’s a sample of what people are saying:

“We do business with Metal Chem because of their great products and outstanding service.  Great team!”

- Les, Texas

“We buy from Metal Chem because of their reliability and responsiveness.  I can call or email at any time and I neverhave a problem getting what I am looking for… or who I am looking for.”

- Keith, South Carolina

“After significant time in the field, I found no manufacturer who stands by its products like Metal Chem. Metal Chem provides the best technical service with unmatched industry knowledge and a tenacious desire to continue its growth as an industry leader. Their products are ever improving and in a constant progression towards perfection.”

- Jim, California

“We are proud to provide Metal Chem products to our customers because the quality of their products is excellent.  Their friendly staff and efficient service is a bonus too.”

- Ken, California

“I do business with Metal Chem because I know that my orders will be handled on a priority basis as always!”

- Lisa, Canada

“There are so many reasons that Metal Chem is our #1 supplier.  Some of them are: Products are always in inventory and shipments are always on time.  Finding personal relationships are rare in today’s business world, and Metal Chem’s technical support is always helpful and truthful.”

- Pat, Georgia

“The main reason I like doing business with Metal Chem is for their quick response on technical issues and questions.  With bigger chemical companies I have found response time depends on how many dollars you spend with them.”

- Smitty, South Carolina

“I use Metal Chem because their chemistry is the best I have ever used. We use their RoHS compliant Meta-Plate Platinum because it is better than any Cad/Lead bath on the market.”

- Jimmy, North Carolina

“I buy Metal Chem products because I have tested almost all of the competitor chemistries and we have determined that Metal Chem has the best products on the market today.  Excellent service, delivery, and price makes them the obvious choice.”

- Bryan,  Minnesota

“I do business with Metal Chem because I value their partnership. Running a company requires me to go the extra mile for all my customers. I feel Metal Chem does the same thing, bending over backwards to do whatever they can to achieve customer satisfaction.”

- Megan, California